ePharma Competitive Analysis Series Client Webinar

New Webinar: Introducing the ePharma Competitive Analysis Series
—Manhattan Research's new report series analyzing the state of pharmaceutical websites and branded online support programs in 2013

Date & Time
Tuesday, December 17, 2013
11 a.m. ET

The ePharma Competitive Analysis Series is Manhattan Research's new report series that aims to help brands design and implement competitive product websites, unbranded websites and online support programs.

In 2013, one hundred and fifty-five websites and support programs from more than 40 companies and 19 therapeutic categories are analyzed across multiple dimensions, including feature and function sets, audience targeting, and multi-channel integration.

Manhattan Research is offering an exclusive webinar for clients of our new ePharma Competitive Analysis Series.

Learn more about the series here

In this webinar, Vice President of Research Monique Levy will present key highlights from the ePharma Competitive Analysis Series — covering key questions such as:

Unbranded Pharma Websites
  • Which therapeutic categories are relatively more crowded and competitive than others?
  • To what extent are unbranded websites linked to social and mobile initiatives?

Pharma Product Websites
  • How are pharma product websites leveraging lifestyle management content to drive key behaviors?
  • How are product websites integrating video for richer user experiences?

Pharma Branded Online Support Programs
  • Which features are most common for example, nurse hotlines, personalized email newsletters, trackers and patient education?
  • What are examples of innovation and features that drive engagement?

Ms. Levy will conduct a live Q & A session after the presentation to address attendee business challenges.

This is a webinar for clients of the study only. If you are not a client but are interested in becoming a client, please fill out the following form and a representative will contact you:

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Need a Deep Dive Into Websites & Programs from Your Specific Brand Category?

ePharma Competitive Analysis Series – In Focus

Marketers can request an add-on analysis for their disease state, such as multiple sclerosis, which would provide a complete analysis of the product websites, unbranded websites and branded online support programs in that category. The in-depth PowerPoint deck analysis highlights and illustrates exemplary features and tactics across all websites and online support programs in the category. The ePCAS In Focus analysis is available for all therapeutic categories with accessible public online websites. 
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