New Study Reveals Digital Differences between PAs, APRNs and RNs and Physicians and Key Opportunities for Marketers

Manhattan Research’s Taking the Pulse® Nurses Study Show Nurses and PAs Utilize Digital Resources More Often than Physicians

July, 2012, New York, NY – Physician assistants (PAs), advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and registered nurses (RNs) are a vital part of healthcare delivery and treatment decisions – in particular, 98 percent of PAs and 75 percent of ARPNs write at least one prescription per week. Additionally, these groups have the potential to influence other stakeholders that drive prescription drug choices.

To make the most of digital budgets, many companies are looking to leverage their experience and knowledge marketing to physicians as a starting point for connecting with nurse and NP audiences. Healthcare market research and advisory firm Manhattan Research recently released its latest Taking the Pulse® Nurses study focused on digital adoption and behaviors of U.S. nurses and PAs, which can help marketers understand key similarities and differences among these distinct HCP audiences. The study surveyed 1,019 U.S. practicing nurses and physician assistants online in Q2 2012.

“The digital channel is mainstream in the professional lives of nurses and PAs today,” said Christina Anthogalidis, Principal Analyst at Manhattan Research. “Their extensive use of mobile at the point of care is only one of many striking examples of digital opportunities brands should be thinking of exploring in 2013.”

The study finds that compared to physicians, PAs, APRNs and RNs:

•    Spend more time online: PAs, APRNs and RNs spend more time online for professional purposes than physicians.
o    Average time online per week for professional purposes in 2012:
1.    RNs, 16 hours
2.    APRNs, 14 hours
3.    PAs, 14 hours
4.    Physicians, 11 hours*
•    Leverage mobile more at point of care: PAs, APRNs and RNs use smartphones more often than physicians during patient consultations.
o    Use smartphone during patient consultation:
1.    74% of PAs
2.    67% of RNs
3.    60% of APRNs
4.    40% of physicians*
•    Show more demand for digital pharma resources: PAs, APRNs and RNs use pharma or biotech websites more frequently than physicians and are more interested in using pharma features on electronic health record systems (EHRs).
o    Use any pharma or biotech websites (weekly):
1.    37% of RNs
2.    30% of PAs
3.    26% of APRNs
4.    23% of physicians*
o    Interest in using pharma features on EHR system:
1.    83% of PAs
2.    79% of RNs
3.    76% of APRNs
4.    67% of physicians*

Among those who are online

*Taking the Pulse® U.S. 2012 was fielded online among 3,015 U.S. practicing physicians in Q1 2012.

Do you need data and insights for your key specialist nurse audience?

Manhattan Research offers Nurse Brand Support Packages for 20+ specialist audiences. Nurse Brand Support Packages provide a detailed overview of how a key specialist audience uses digital channels for professional purposes and pharma interaction.

Nurse Brand Support Packages are based on the findings from Manhattan Research’s Taking the Pulse® Nurses study.

Topic areas explored in this nurse research include:

•    Smartphones and tablet
•    Professional resources used
•    Social networking
•    Online video
•    Electronic health records
•    Digital at point of care
•    Online pharma promotions
•    Electronic detailing
•    Rx info seeking
•    HCP communities
•    Patient education materials
•    Digital interaction with pharma

Nurse Brand Support Packages are available for:

Acute care, Adult care, Anesthesiology/Nurse Anesthetist, Cardiology, Diabetes (Diabetes Nurse Educator and Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator), Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology, Family/General Practice or Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Infusion, Neurology, OB/GYN, Oncology (Medical Oncology and Hematology Oncology), Pain, Pediatrics and Surgery

For a free Digital Snapshot of a nurse specialist audience, email with the specialty group of your choice (max of 3 groups per request).

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Taking the Pulse® Nurses is Manhattan Research’s annual market research study and syndicated advisory service focused on how U.S. nurses, advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and physician assistants (PAs) use the Internet, digital media, mobile devices and other technologies for professional purposes, pharma communication and patient interaction. Taking the Pulse® Nurses 2012 was fielded in Q2 2012 among 1,019 U.S. practicing nurses and physician assistants. The data can be segmented across a variety of target specialist audiences, including oncologist nurses, diabetes nurses and OBGYN nurses. For more information, please visit

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