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The healthcare landscape is more complex than ever and companies are struggling to keep up. Consumers are taking healthcare into their own hands with the help of digital information and services, in and out of the doctor’s office.

The rapidly evolving mobile landscape is one major area of interest for marketers – the population of smartphone owners and mobile health users has been steadily increasing over the past few years, offering new ways to reach and connect with patients. However, the opportunity for mobile engagement varies significantly by brand audience.

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Cybercitizen Health® U.S. provides insights around key digital health topics such as:

  • The Online Patient Journey: What resources are patients reaching for along their health journey? What is most influential in decision making?
  • Mobile Health: Whatmobile health activities are consumers partaking in and what is driving them toward or away from app use?
  • Self-tracking: How are consumers adopting self-tracking devices/ wearables and in what ways are they sharing this information?
  • Social Health: How are consumers using niche sites for health care information and are they using social for decision support rather than solely information seeking?
  • Empowered patient: How are patients reacting to their increased purchasing responsibilities as consumerization of healthcare evolves in the US?
For more information or to request a full outline of topics covered in the research, email, or call 1.888.680.0800, ext 2.

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