Europe Consumer Therapeutic Segmentation Modules

Each Therapeutic Segmentation Modules (TSM) is a comprehensive profile of a therapeutic market segment and its adoption of digital media and technology for health and treatment information. Clients will receive a complete segmentation from the current Cybercitizen Health® Europe data set relevant to their particular target audience.

Cybercitizen Health® Europe surveys consumers in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy about their use of the Internet, mobile devices, and other technologies for health.

Key Topics Addressed in the Research

  • Technology profile and digital behaviors
  • Online health content and the patient journey
  • Mobile health, including smartphone and tablet activities
  • Social media for health and online health video
  • Healthcare touch points beyond the doctor’s office
  • Online health at the point of care
  • Pharma online information and services

Available Segments:

Acid Reflux- Chronic Heartburn
Acute pain         
   Parent to child with ADD-ADHD                             
Age-related macular degeneration         
   Parent to child with allergies                                   
Anxiety disorders or Social Phobia           
Osteoarthritis (General arthritis)
Psoriatic arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis
           Ankylosing spondylitis                         Arrhythmia        
Birth Control            
Breast Cancer
Skin Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Lung Cancer
Liver Cancer
Kidney Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Chronic Pain      
Chronic bronchitis           
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or emphysema 
Crohns disease
Deep vein thrombosis  
   Type 1               
   Type 2               
Erectile dysfunction       
Heart attack                                                      
Heart attack in household                                           
Heart Disease   
Heavy menstrual bleeding (hypermenorrhoe)  
High Cholesterol              
Hypertension - High Blood Pressure       
Insomnia-Sleep Disorder             
Irritable Bowel Syndrome           
Multiple sclerosis
Pulmonary hypertension             
Ulcerative colitis              

Some segments may have lower sample size


 Possible Segments Include:

  • Patients: Adult age 18+ who has been diagnosed with condition.
  • Taking Rx: Adult age 18+ who is taking a prescription to treat the disease or condition.
  • Caregivers: Adult age 18+ who said they are a caregiver to someone who has a given condition.
  • In Household: An adult age 18+ who reports that someone in their household has the named condition. In household and caregivers are NOT mutually exclusive.
  • Info Seekers: An adult age 18+ who has researched the named condition online in the past 12 months.

Some segments may have lower sample

For additional segmentation module product and purchasing information, please contact or call 1.888.680.0800, ext 2.


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