Taking the Pulse® Pharmacists

Taking the Pulse® Pharmacists from Manhattan Research is focused on helping pharma brands understand the evolving role pharmacists are playing in patient care and how brands can connect with pharmacists through multichannel marketing and sales strategies. The data can be segmented to provide marketers with in-depth multichannel and digital behavior profiles for retail, hospital and specialty pharmacist audiences. The study is fielded annually in Q3 among over 700 pharmacists.

Key topics covered in the research

  • Patient interaction
  • Remote patient communication
  • Patient services provided
  • Changing prescriptions
  • HCP communication
  • Device access and usage profile
  • Screenflow during the workday
  • Digital and general resources
  • EHRs
  • Pharma sales rep interaction
  • Pharma online promotion
  • Pharma websites
Data can be segmented across the following pharmacist audiences:

  • Retail pharmacists
  • Hospital pharmacists 
  • Specialty pharmacists
For more information or to request a full outline of topics covered in the research, please fill out the form below, email sales@manhattanresearch.com, or call 1.888.680.0800, ext 2.
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