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Taking the Pulse® U.S. is revamped each year with the most current insights.

2014 Environment

Macro healthcare shifts introduce uncertainty into business processes that were routine

Digital ubiquity ushers in a new status quo in the ways doctors communicate and prescribe

Market access takes center stage, driving pharma to quickly adapt to the new landscape

Taking the Pulse® U.S. answers the questions that matter.

  • Understanding a “Three Screen” World: What role does each screen play in physician workflow throughout the course of their day?
  • Adoption of Professional Resources: Which offline and online sources are physicians relying on day-to-day to conduct their practices?
  • Professional Online Video: How can it best be harnessed to influence physicians?
  • Opportunities for Pharma in EHRs: How are EHRs impacting physicians’ use of professional websites and apps? What opportunities exist for pharma/medtech to have meaningful interactions with physicians through EHR systems?
  • Healthcare Policy Shifts: How are formulary restrictions, a shift toward outcome-based measures and other large scale changes in healthcare policy impacting physicians’ practices in 2014?
  • Device Optimization: Where does the tablet shine brightest as a professional device in 2014? In what scenarios is it still not seeing traction?

Taking the Pulse® U.S. provides insights based on proprietary data and analysis on how best to reach U.S. physicians in today’s evolving healthcare landscape

Leverage Manhattan Research expertise in your most critical digital strategy decisions

Prioritize your resources towards the channels that physicians rely on most

Understand your target physician audience with comprehensive, specialty-specific analysis

Data can be segmented across a variety of physician specialties

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3000+ U.S. doctors surveyed

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